15 - Nov - 2018


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Issue 50 - September 2018

Celebrating Summer!

Braemar Games 2018. Pictured below, Fern Jolly and Esme Evans with posies ready to present to the Queen and Princess Royal Braemar Highland Games September 1.

Photo courtesy of John Macpherson

The Queen opened the new centre in the park on the same day. More about the new centre on page 8.


The village hall hosted a concert by Phil Cunningham & Aly Bain on the 1st August. The pair charmed a packed audience with their fantastic music and entertaining banter. There have been a number of excellent musical events in the village hall over the summer - next up is a concert by saltfishforty on 15th September. (Photo courtesy of Colin Wight)

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Thank you Braemar Hydro for supporting the cost of the colour cover for this issue.