16 - Jan - 2021


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Issue 59 - December 2020

Christmas Greetings!

The three months since our last edition have certainly been interest- ing! Everything open, Braemar buzzing and then nearly everything (with some notable exceptions - thank you!) shut. What has struck me in my adventure as the deputy editor is what a lot of community activity is ongoing, and how much of it is for the benefit of others. This edition of the Braemar Buzzard is jam-packed with news and activities of all sorts.     Fiona Hunter

Wartime Braemar














Remembrance Day 2020 was memorable in Braemar not only as the year when outdoor parades and commemorations were banned but also for the launch of a new booklet Wartime Braemar. Sales have so exceeded expectations that the booklet has already gone to reprint. The booklet has sparked a lot of responses and memories. Go to Page 3 to read more about how it came about.

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